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But there is little known about why some people never get sick. “It’s kind of a tough topic. It’s likely due to a combination of ingredients,” said Dr. William Schaffner, professor of ...


Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne's prototypical patient is a successful woman who keeps getting sick but doesn’t know why. “We realize they’re really just stressed,” says Lowe-Payne, a family ...


What a rubbish question it is... When I saw the question for the first time my reaction was aieeeee what is it.. Why do you want to get sick?? Thats very cool that without doing anything you are fit..Actually thats very much true we want that wh...


This has been a huge reason why I don’t get sick. If I feel something might be coming, I do Pranic Healing right away—the same day. Almost 100% of the time I do this, it works and I don’t get sick. Naturally, it’s harder to heal something once it has manifested physically and will likely take a couple of sessions.


In fact, research shows that people who sleep only 5 to 6 hours a night have a 30% chance of catching a cold when exposed to the virus; those who get more than 7 hours reduce their risk to 17% ...


Why do some people never get sick? Research suggests that, on average, each individual picks up around 200 colds in their lifetime. But some people seemingly never get ill and don't take their ...


People who don’t get enough sleep each night are more likely to get sick. Your immune system releases cytokines while you sleep. Cytokines are protein-messengers that fight inflammation and disease.


The Fix: Switch off and get to bed earlier in the colder, darker, winter months to prevent illnesses and feel more energized. Research shows that sleeping less than 5 hours at night equals a 5-fold increased risk of catching a cold or flu, so make sure that, even during busy periods, you aren’t running on empty so you don’t get sick.


Usually when we get sick we build an immunity to that illness, or flu. That is why you don't get again. Sometimes you may get it again but the truth about that is that you probably never really got rid of it in the first place. Sounds to me that your body is doing a good job of building up its immunities to illness and flu.


Why Do I Always Get Sick? Many people may wonder "why do I always feel sick" since colds, allergies, headaches and other conditions have been a part of life. Find out here the causes and what you need to do.