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The reasons why Hinduism is the best religion in the world are endless. The ethos of Hinduism is to first become a good human being rather than becoming a good Hindu. Let me enumerate why it is the best religion in the world - 1. Hinduism is the o...


“Best” is probably not the right word to use.But yes, most Cosmic and grandest religion would be close enough. Here’s why its so : Unlike other Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, or Sanatana Dharma doesnt ask you to repose your faith on some holy person or book.


No religion is the best religion. I do not think that Hinduism is the best religion. I think that certain religions work best for different people. Hinduism may be the best religion for some people, but it is not the best religion for everyone. The same applies to every religion, whatever it may be.


This is the reason why Hinduism is best religion than all other religions. About Hinduism Religion It has been found that there was nothing like religion in the history of human civilization, but as soon as the human beings start becoming civilized, they start thinking of being unified.


Why Hinduism: Uniqueness of Hinduism: Hinduism was not founded as a religion. So, it does not have only one founder and therefore, it allows multiple streams of thoughts, which lead us to the one and only GOD and is the base of tolerance towards other religions that have different paths to reaching towards God.


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Why Hindu Dharma is the Best Occasionally I noticed that in western publications Hinduism was missing when religions were listed. Buddhism was there without fail, but its mother so to speak, was being ignored.


Because Hinduism does not "lead to God" but rather seeks union, in this sense, Hinduism is not a religion, but rather a dharma. Those who profess the Hindu Dharma and seek to follow it, are guided by spiritual, social and moral rules, actions, knowledge, and duties which are responsible for holding the human race together.


Below are few examples of Scientific Proofs of few day to day things which all Hindus do and this gives a clear picture of Hindu Religion is a very Scientific Religion.There are many other proofs of Hinduism, that is a great science wherein we get all the Knowledge of Any field in sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Astronomy, Maths ...


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