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Nine Ways To Keep Your Company's Most Valuable Asset -- Its Employees. ... Forbes Leadership Forum is our home for articles written by people who aren't regular Forbes Leadership contributors with ...


Following are the reasons clarifying why the employees are considered as the most Invaluable Intangible assets for any organization. Here are some of the intangible assets for an organisation: The employees are essential to provide goods or services that the company has to offer. Improving employee efficiency and performance therefore become ...


Marcus Lemonis, host of CNBC's The Profit , explains why people are the cornerstone of a successful businesses (and what you can do about it). ... Why Your People Are Your Most Important Asset.


Are people really your most important asset? Mar 10 2009 by Dan Bobinski Print This Article. ... Granted, an asset can be defined many ways, but if employees are assets that provide a future economic benefit (and they are), it stands to reason that we ought to be finding ways to protect them. Yes, we can protect them with safety rules, health ...


THE EMPLOYEES – THE MOST IMPORTANT ASSET IN THE ORGANIZATIONS IVETA GABČANOVÁ Abstract Satisfied, highly-motivated and loyal employees represent the basis of competitive company. The growth of satisfaction is to be reflected in the increase of productivity, improvement of the products’ quality or


Employee Is the Most Important Asset Essay “Human Resource is the most of import plus of an organization” . In Singapore. where there are no natural resources. human capital is one of the valuable resources that the state depends on to pull foreign investors. The accomplishments. cognition and experience of each single contribute to the ...


"Employees are our most important asset." How many company value/vision/mission statements include that? I would guess over 90%… of the companies that actually have such statements. How many really, truly, believe it… and of those how many actually account for their employees as an asset on the books? A handful at most.


If used properly, data becomes the most important asset of any HR team. Here we look at how data can help drive performance across the people functions. Human Resources (HR) teams are often data ...


Intangible Assets Of course, one of these intangible assets is the human capital of your organization; in other words, your employees! Perhaps if we required the listing of human capital on the balance sheet as an asset and not just a liability, we could begin to properly identify the value of human capital to the company itself.


Why human capital is your company’s greatest asset By thowardqz May 19, 2015 The most important asset at your company isn’t something you can put your hands on.