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These elephants are killed, the tusks removed, and the bodies left to rot. It is a very sad scene to come upon for those that are working hard to bring the elephants back from the brink of extinction. The other main problem for elephants is that their natural habitat is being wiped out.


Why Elephants May Go Extinct in Your Lifetime Aug. 12, 2015 - Nearly a hundred elephants are slaughtered each day in the wild, most for their ivory tusks. This killing of elephants by humans could wipe out the animals in the wild within a generation.


African elephants are listed as threatened under the American Endangered Species Act because the species is at risk of extinction due to poaching for their tusks, which are sold on the black market. In addition, the African elephant population is at risk due to loss of habitat when mankind moves into the elephant's range.


Are Elephants Endangered. African elephants were classified as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in 2008. Back in 1979, there were around 1.3 million elephants roaming all throughout Africa, with few reports confirm an estimate of 3.0 million populations.


In 2008, conservationists warned that African elephants would become extinct by 2020 if widespread poaching continued. Young says that given the current rate of slaughter, he's "absolutely convinced" that African elephants could indeed be annihilated in the next six years.


Why are elephants becoming extinct? Elephants contain valuable parts such as ivory, large bones and meat. Poachers will hunt and kill elephant after elephant just to obtain these precious ...


A bull elephant foraging at the Ol Jogi sanctuary in Laikipia county, Kenya. Wildlife experts warn that African elephants could be extinct in the wild within a few decades. Photograph: Tony ...


Latest reports also say that around 40,000 African elephants are being killed each year because of valuable tasks. Precious ivory is the main reason why hundred years ago there were close to 10 millions elephants, and today there are less than half million elephants.


Elephants on the path to extinction - the facts The world’s population of elephants is nearing a critical point. Karl Mathiesen explains why there has never been a more dangerous time to be an ...


Africa's elephants are in danger of becoming extinct.Increased poaching on the continent is putting Africa's elephants in danger.Last year about 20000 elephants were killed. Especially in central African countries elephant populations are down to alarming numbers.In the next ten years the population could be cut by a more than quarter.. At the beginning of the 20th century there were about...