Drinking pickle juice provides multiple health benefits and also acts as a remedy for some common ailments. According to Medical Daily, pickle juice replenishes depleted sodium levels and rebuilds electrolytes, making it... More »

Pickle juice cravings may stem from too much salt being excreted from the body, triggering an increase in salt intake. Pickle juice is also a common food craving during pregnancy. More »

Pickle juice may help lessen muscle cramps in athletes, according to Picklelicious. The juice includes salt, vinegar, water and calcium chloride. It may help replace salt and other electrolytes lost when athletes sweat d... More »

Canned coconut juice can be used in piña colada recipes. Canned coconut products for use in a piña colada, include canned cream of coconut, which consists of cooked coconut and coconut water with added sugar. More »

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Citric acid occurs in orange juice in levels between 9.1 grams per liter and 16.9 grams per liter, depending on whether the juice is fresh-squeezed or commercially processed. Orange juice is a natural source of citric ac... More »

Higher temperatures lower the pH levels of orange juice, while lower temperatures have the opposite effect, elevating the pH levels. In simpler terms, pH is a standard scale used to measure the acidity in an aqueous solu... More »

According to WebMD, natural apple juice does not cause constipation. Natural apple juice or eating apples in general helps control both constipation and diarrhea because apples contain pectin, which bulks up stools. More »