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The best breed of dog to own is a mutt, according to Business Insider. Mutts combine the best qualities of all the breeds in their lineage and are often the best behaved and most lovable pets to own.


The best kind of dog for you is not the one that looks good, but the one that best fits your lifestyle, personality and living conditions. A decision should not be made based on breed or a knee-jerk decision about the dog's initial age.


A watchdog keeps the best time. This is an example of a riddle. A riddle is a type of folk literature wherein deceptive language obscures the true meaning of a question.


Dogs are considered man's best friend because their presence provides many beneficial effects and they form close, loving bonds with their owners. Dogs were also the first domesticated species so they have evolved to have a very close relationship with humans.


All breeds of dogs can be trusted around children if they have been properly socialized and bred. Breeds known for being highly trainable can often excel as family dogs, since they are eager to please. Sporting dogs, a category that includes golden retrievers and Labrad...


Dogs are good pets because they provide people with companionship, genuine unconditional love, more opportunities for regular exercise, lower stress levels and better cardiovascular health, new life skills such as responsibility and compassion and make people happier. D...


Otis, Moose, Bertus, Fritz, Marlo and Shamus are the best boy dog names. Names can be chosen based on the color of his coat or to highlight a unique physical attribute.