Possible causes of arm numbness that affects one or both arms and worsens at night include inadequate blood supply to a particular area, nerve damage, infection and inflammation, according to Healthgrades. Other conditio... More »

A common cause for a hand going numb while asleep can be related to sleeping in a wrong position. Some other factors that can cause this symptom may be different types of medical issues, including many that affect the ne... More »

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The sensation of numbness in the arm after sneezing is a common symptom of disk herniation in the neck. This numbing may be accompanied by tingling, pain or weakness in the same limb, according to Mayo Clinic. More »

Causes of leg numbness, which sometimes worsens at night, include inadequate blood flow to a particular area, nerve damage, infection, trauma and inflammation, states Healthgrades. The symptom rarely indicates a severe c... More »

An arm lump can be caused by one of a variety of conditions, including inflammation, infection, trauma or tumor growth, according to Healthgrades. Lumps can be described as nodules, bumps, tumors, cysts or contusions and... More »

Symptoms of nerve damage to the shoulder and upper arms may include pain, weakness, paresthesias, or a tingling or prickling, pins-and-needles sensation when there are no known injuries to the affected area, according to... More »

Swollen fingers with no joint pain can be caused by fluid retention, infection, inflammation or trauma, Healthgrades explains. During pregnancy or menstruation, hormonal changes cause the body to retain fluids, causing a... More »

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