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Oily hair is like oily skin. Sometimes that's just how it is. And other times it's that way because of the habits we keep. Of course, hair-type also plays a role in how oily strands will appear.


Using hot water washes away the natural protective oils from your scalp and hair, leaving it dry. And this sends a signal to your oil-producing glands to produce more oil, so in a matter of hours, your hair will be a greasy ball. So ‘always’ use warm water to wash your hair.


Why is My Hair So Oily? Why is my hair so oily? Everyone’s scalp produces oil, but for some, oil production seems to hit overdrive. Why? At the base of every hair is the follicle – it lies just under the surface of the skin in the dermis.


To keep your hair from getting greasy, limit how often you wash it to 2-3 times a week since overwashing your hair can cause it to produce more grease. When you do wash your hair, only condition the ends so you're not making the roots of your hair greasy.


Why is my hair so oily? Photo credit: indigitalimages.com Why does my hair get greasy? Want to know the reason why your hair gets oily? Bailey breaks down the biology: “Within the hair follicle, there is something called the sebaceous gland which is responsible for producing sebum.”


If you have thin hair, this means the oil can fully coat your hair much faster than it would if you had thick hair. Having hair that gets oily really fast is inconvenient, but what I would recommend is trying dry shampoo, which is a product you put in your hair that absorbs the oil so your hair goes back to being clean for a period of time.


And I also noticed that it takes longer for my hair to get excessively oily. My hair is no longer dry and brittle,no dandruff and I have far less split ends. The trick is when I wash my hair I only wash it once and I clean it from root to tip but I don't over do it and completely remove all the oil from my hair.


Oily hair feels unpleasantly sticky, like it has a greasy film on it. Thick-strand and kinky hair may be capable of bearing up under the weight of excess oil. Hair that is thin and straight, however, is limp and difficult to style when it is oily. If your hair becomes oily even the day after washing ...


8 surprising things that could be making your hair greasy ... (although some of these hairstyles for greasy hair are kinda cute). So, here are 8 things to stop doing that could be the cause of ...


Hair Care | Oily Hair Overcoming Greasy Hair. Recurrently oily hair can be a source of frustration among many men and women. Fear not, however, as there are a number of ways it can be remedied so as to have less of an impact on your life.