The gurgling sound in a sink drain is an air-related issue. SF Gate says that either the drain has no vent, it has an improperly installed vent or a vent is blocked. This issue creates a vacuum as water passes through th... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Toilets make odd noises, such as gurgles and burps, due to the movement of air through water. Most often, the air movement responsible for such noises is due to a clogged or improperly working vent stack. These clogs cau... More »

Begin by removing everything in the sink and taking out the items from the cabinet beneath, as sometimes leaks and other issues may cause damage below. Place a bucket beneath the drain pipe to catch water and debris, and... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

To refinish a porcelain kitchen sink, first thoroughly clean the surface, and then prepare the surface for application; apply the refinishing product, and wait the necessary time for curing before use. Refinishing produc... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Install a farmhouse sink by making slight modifications to a conventional cabinet. Farmhouse sinks have standard widths that fit most cabinets. Install the sink before adding the cabinet top. More » Home & Garden Kitchen

To change a garbage disposal, turn off the electrical power, remove the disposal from the sink, disconnect the wires, and connect them to the new disposal. Attach the new disposal to the sink using the existing mounting ... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Turn the sink's water supply off, and turn off the power source to the garbage disposal. Disconnect the plumbing to the old faucet, and remove the faucet. Set the new faucet into place, mount it according to the manufact... More » Home & Garden Kitchen