Light travels in waves of frequency and as particles of matter. There are many types of light, of which the visible spectrum is a small part. More »

Light typically travels at 186,000 miles per second, but scientists have found a way to slow it down to 38 miles per hour. A team at the Rowland Institute for Science has found a new state of matter to help slow light do... More »

Light waves travel through the process of electromagnetic radiation. The combination of electrical and magnetic fields that light has is what gives light the distinct quality of being able to travel with or without a med... More »

Quantum physics, also referred to as quantum mechanics, is "A theory of matter that is based on the concept of the possession of wave properties by elementary particles," according to Merriam-Webster. Quantum physics dea... More »

Light and sound are two different types of waves. Light can travel through vacuums and outer space, and sound needs a medium to travel in and cannot be heard in a vacuum. More »

Light travels faster than sound because sound waves can only travel as waves of pressure in a medium, whereas electromagnetic waves, of which light is made, move on their own even through vacuum. Light's speed decreases ... More »

The wave particle duality of light means that light exhibits properties of classical waves in some cases and properties of classical particles in others. The fringing effect that results from firing single photons throug... More »