Molds in bread and baked goods can produce toxins that cause illness, according to Such foods should be discarded immediately at the sight of mold, as porous foods may be contaminated below the surface. More »

The basic danger of eating moldy bread is developing a stomach ache or an allergic reaction to the mold. There are cases where mold causes mycotoxins to form within the bread, presenting significant health threats to peo... More »

Eating moldy bread can lead to food poisoning from mycotoxin or bacterial contamination. Most of the time it is not dangerous, though eating moldy food of any kind should be avoided. More »

Drinking moldy apple juice may cause a mild upset stomach or intestinal discomfort. Juice that has mold or has changed color should be discarded. More »

Drinking bad or sour milk does not cause sickness in most cases. There is a small risk of food poisoning in consuming spoiled milk in large doses, but the risk is minimal. More » Food Food Storage Food Spoilage

While drinking milk that is very sour or chunky can result in food poisoning, milk that is starting to turn or is just after its expiry date is not likely to cause sickness. Children or those with weak immune systems are... More » Food Food Storage Food Spoilage

It is possible to become sick from eating spoiled chicken. Consuming spoiled chicken may cause symptoms of food poisoning, which include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Pregnant women, young children, older adults and tho... More »