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Adderall is an amphetamine, which generally makes people energetic.However, it has a calming effect for people with ADHD. This calming effect can make some people sleepy. In clinical trials ...


My daughter just started taking 5 mgs, and it almost knocked her out. After hearing and being present of her diagnosis, I talked to my psychiatrist, and she said Adderall may be what I am lacking, as I have all of the inattentive symptoms, and hav...


Which I have done before to help my ritalin tolerance. I use Adderall for a week or 2 and go back and I see to feel the ritalin more. It’s so strange to me that ritalin doesn’t make me sleepy but Adderall is making me feel like I took a sedative. But when I tried Adderall a couple years ago it didn’t make me sleepy but did zone me out too ...


You can feel tired and nauseated on Adderall XR. These side effects will most likely lessen as soon as your body gets used to the drug. You aren't feeling the benefits of the drug probably because you haven't reached the right dose for you.


My experience might be useful to some: I've found that IRs make me tired while XRs don't at all. It's bizarre, because I can take 10 mg IR twice a day and feel like I took sleeping pills or something, but a 10mg XR (so, half the dose) makes me focus. A 20mg XR actually keeps me from sleeping.


I take anywhere from 15mg to 20mg a day, and sometimes my last dose is late in the evening like around 4 or 5 pm and it still doesn't make me stay up late. I'm just curious if it is a normal thing for people with ADHD to get sleepy from stimulants. I also take lamictal and lexapro for bipolar/depression. Please advise. Thank you.


The immune system does a similar thing with vaccines. It discovers a dead virus, says, "Haven't seen this one before, better gear up for it." and it learns how to make antibodies. I suspect other organs are capable of this learning. Hence, you may never get the same effect from Adderall ever again.


Adderall is like caffeine, so it makes it damn near impossible to sleep at night. Even though you took it in the morning (or whenever), you always seem to have trouble drifting off to sleep.


Resolving the hyperactivity can make you feel sleepy. If your baseline state isn’t hyperactive then you’re less likely to feel tired on Vyvanse. For example, a patient with Narcolepsy (the irresistible urge to sleep at inappropriate times) might take Vyvanse to stay awake!


For me, at first the Adderall made me jumpy and manic (as does coffee if I drink it for the first time in a long while). After taking the Adderall regularly for several months, it does help a little with focus, but makes me sleepy-- or at least does not make me wakeful, although it seems to make me avoid going to bed at night.