Flowers are the primary reproductive structures of angiosperms, commonly referred to as the flowering plants. Flowers house the pollen and ovaries necessary for reproduction. The various colors and shapes of flowers serv... More »

A heliotrope flower is a cluster of white, lavender or deep purple flowers that grows on the heliotrope plant. The flowers are fragrant and smell reminiscent of cherry pie and vanilla. The heliotrope blooms in summer and... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

Lupines bloom in a two-month span between May and July depending on the type of Lupine and the location. Lupines grow best in growing zones 3 to 7 of the United States. More »

Dicotyledons, also known as dicots, are one of the two groups into which all flowering plants, or angiosperms, are divided. There are about 200,000 species within this group, including most garden plants like magnolias, ... More »

Amborella trichopoda is believed to be the last living member of the oldest lineage of flowering plants dating back more than 140 million years. This shrub contains small flowers and is exclusively found on the Pacific t... More » Science Biology Botany

Pollination differs between angiosperms and gymnosperms in that most angiosperms entice animals to carry their pollen from plant to plant, while most gymnosperms rely on the wind carrying their pollen to other plants. Th... More »

Meiosis occurs in the anthers and ovary of the angiosperms. Meiosis helps in the formation of spores in plants. The pollen mother cell in the anthers undergoes meiosis to haploid microspores. The megasporocyte in the ovu... More »