Evergreen plants have been important to people during the winter for millennia, but the Christmas tree tradition dates back to 16th century Germany when Christians would bring trees inside and decorate them. One traditio... More »

The amount of time that a Christmas tree lasts depends on whether the tree is real or artificial. Authentic trees can last up to a month when properly taken care of, while fake trees can last up to 10 years. More »

There are several different tree species used as Christmas trees, such as the fir, pine, spruce, cypress and cedar. For each of the main category of Christmas trees, there are also different types among those. Plus, ther... More »

The tradition of the Christmas tree originated in Germany in the 16th century, when trees were brought into homes to be decorated. The first person to decorate the Christmas tree with lighted candles is believed to be Ma... More »

The tradition of the Christmas tree originates with pagan worshippers who decorated their homes with green boughs during the winter solstice. They believed that the long nights occurred because the sun god was ill. Placi... More »

The Christmas tree symbolizes the spirit of the Christmas season and, to Christians, the everlasting life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In the Bible, the cross upon which Jesus was crucified is often referred to as a tr... More »

The Christmas tree is an instantly recognizable symbol of warmth and good cheer. While today Christmas trees are synonymous with the Christmas season, this hasn’t always been the case. The tradition of decorating the hom... More »