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Turtles and tortoises are some of the most long-lived members of the reptile family. Even small species that are typically kept as pets, like box turtles and terrapins, live between 30 and 40 years if they're kept healthy. Larger species such as sea turtles are estimated to live about 80 years. The giant tortoise, ...


However, the quality that sets it apart from most animals on the planet is its longevity – the ability to live for a very, very long time. The Longevity of Turtles. Among the reptile family, tortoises and turtles are some of the members that enjoy very long lifespans.


Why do giant tortoises live for such a long time? So they can reproduce more effectively. Long life spans provide an evolutionary advantage for certain types of animals. It makes sense to stick ...


A second idea about why turtles live so long is also related to that low metabolism. Turtles often hibernate. They sink down into the mud at the bottom of a lake or pond, going dormant for the season (kind of like hibernation), and use even less energy. Photo credit: Loggerhead sea turtles coming out of their nest.


Why Do Turtles and Tortoises Live So Long? [] They manage to live so long because the important parts of their bodies do not become weak with age, as in the case of humans and birds. In fact, they continue to grow very, very slowly for as long as they live. Their body does not need much energy to survive.


Why Do Sea Turtles Live So Long? Sea turtles have been on Earth for more than 100 million years. To put that in perspective, dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago and early human ancestors started walking on two legs about 4 million years ago. So, sea turtles must be doing something right.


Why do turtles live so long? Apparently, it may have something to do with a slow metabolism which means that turtles need fewer calories than other animals of similar size. Their longevity may also be due to them being poikilothermic which means their bodies can function at a wide range of temperatures.


When it comes to how long turtles live, the answers can be elusive. However, as potential pet owners should know, most species are generally able to live for decades, and could potentially serve as a near-lifelong family member. Learn more about why turtles live such long lives, and how you can keep your own turtle healthy into old age.


Giant Tortoises (Geochelone ... There are no reliable records of how long the tortoises can live as of yet, because they can far out live humans. There are reports of some of these animals living about 200 years. Part of the reason why these animals can live so long is because they have such a slow metabolism.


Why do turtles live for so long? Update Cancel. a d b y P e a k o n. Time to move away from an annual employee survey? Leverage real-time data to stop survey fatigue. See why HR leaders rely on Peakon for their teams. ... How do turtles live so long? How are tortoises and turtles able to live so long?