Leaves fall from trees because the tree begins to prepare itself for the winter season. Trees seal the spots where the leaves are attached, cutting off water to the leaves. The leaves then change color and fall from the ... More »

To prune lilacs, cut off up to one-third of each stem shortly after the flowers fade. If you wait to prune until the fall, the flower production is diminished the following year. More »

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In autumn, the earth receives less sunlight and warmth, which results in trees preparing themselves for the upcoming winter weather. The changes in weather trigger hormonal changes in trees. When this happens, leaves cha... More »

After losing their leaves during the winter season, trees begin to grow new leaves and flowers once again in spring. According to Top Marks, this occurs because with the coming of spring, soil and air temperatures start ... More »

Plants adapt to different climates by modifying their leaves or stems or by shedding their leaves en masse in the fall and going dormant during the winter when there is less water available. They may also have root syste... More »

Trees lose their leaves in the winter as they enter their dormant period in order to protect cells from freezing temperatures. In this stage, they no longer need the food that the leaves produce. Trees respond to changes... More »

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Pine trees have adapted to winter weather and a shorter growing season with a conical tree shape that allows them to shed snow, and by staying green year-round so they can produce food through photosynthesis early in spr... More »