Most tiger subspecies can climb trees. However, their large size and weight, in addition to their paws, which evolved for long-distance travelling and bringing down large prey, prevent tigers from being as proficient at ... More »

The stealthy hunting habits of Siberian tigers give them an advantage when pitted against grizzlies. According to National Geographic, the average grizzly weighs 900 pounds, while a Siberian tiger weighs 600 pounds. More »

Lions are capable of climbing trees, though it is uncommon for them to climb unless they have a reason to do so. Several national parks in African countries are famous for housing rare tree-climbing lion populations. More »

A blue-eyed tiger is a white tiger, a subspecies of tiger that has white fur with black or dark brown stripes. Also, all baby tigers are born with blue eyes. More »

Two subspecies of tigers primarily live in a rainforest habitat: the Sumatran tiger and the Bengal tiger. Tigers live in a wide range of habitats, but most species prefer locations with dense vegetation, including rainfo... More »

The Siberian tiger, also known as the Amur tiger, is the largest subspecies of tiger. Siberian tigers are found primarily in the birch forests of Siberia, eastern Russia, China and North Korea. Siberian tigers are consid... More »

Mountain lions climb trees. These big cats spend most of their time on the ground but have been known to easily scale a tree, especially when trying to escape a threat. More »