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Modern technology offers many techniques to fade tattoos including laser tattoo removal, intense pulsed light therapy and tattoo removal creams. Many do-it-yourself tattoo removal methods exist, including freezing the tattoo or removal with liquid bleach, but most are d...


Tattoos will fade overtime no matter what, but the sun's ultraviolet rays will cause them to fade quicker. Other factors that can contribute tattoo fading are swimming pool chlorine, wind and indoor heating.


According to WebMD, skin-bleaching agents and topical acids can cause tattoos to fade. They may need to be applied continuously for six months to be effective and may cause visible damage (scarring) to the treated skin. Sunlight, particularly ultraviolet light, is well ...


White tattoos fade and often more quickly than a black or colored tattoo. White tattoos are already less noticeable when placed on the skin, so when they fade, they become hardly recognizable.


It is normal for a new tattoo to look faded at first, as the skin goes through a process of peeling and healing. After the initial scabbing of the skin, it peels to reveal a new layer of skin.


A tattoo can be a good thing when it conjures up positive memories for its owner. Tattoos can be used to memorialize someone who has passed away, or they can provide a bit of daily happiness. They can also be used to commemorate a turning point in someone's life.


According to Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D. of San Diego Magazine, people most commonly decide to get tattoos to represent loved ones, religious beliefs or patriotism. Tattoos can also be a mode of self expression or the result of peer pressure.