Both wild and tame rabbits spray urine to mark their territory due to hormonal urges. This behavior can often be curbed by spaying or neutering the rabbit. More »

According to PawNation, there are several animals that spray, including striped polecats, rabbits, foxes and cats. Typically, animals spray as a form of self-defense when they feel threatened. However, cats spray as a wa... More »

Preventing rabbits from eating outdoor flowers is best done by using fences, applying scents and substances that rabbits find repellent and providing extra plants to give the animals something to eat in hopes they ignore... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Furry Pests

According to Pet Education, healthy rabbits can have red urine because they have ingested a plant-heavy diet, especially if the plants contain beta-carotene. Antibiotics also cause some rabbits to excrete red urine, and ... More »

A hare's tail is classified as a scut, a kind of short, erect tail found on other herbivorous woodland animals, such as deer and rabbits. It comes from a Middle English word meaning hare, which originally derives from th... More »

Wild rabbits seldom eat nuts, so they should not be fed to domestic rabbits. Nuts are too high in fat to be digested properly. A healthy diet for a rabbit consists primarily of hay and vegetables. More »

There are many foods that provide nutrients for wild rabbits including grasses, herbs, peas, twigs, buds and lettuce. Wild rabbits will also often eat other vegetables from the gardens of unsuspecting farmers and homeown... More »