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We use love to drive us in what we do in life. The most common things that love drives us to do is to find a partner and sometimes get married and have children who we in turn share our love with. Love gives us the reassurance that we will be cared for and helped in times of need and given support to achieve goals.


In our pursuit of the need to be loved, however, most of us fail to recognize that we have a parallel need: the need to love and care for others.This desire, it turns out, is just as strong as the ...


We need love because we want to feel, how it feels to be loved. We need love because we want to feel safe and protective around someone. We need love because we want someone with whom we can share each and everything of whole day. We need love bec...


Love, then, becomes need fulfillment and we seek this same love out as adults," she says in an email interview. According to Palmer, attachment theory plays a big part in the development of love for our parents, because when children are protected and nurtured by available, responsive parents, they have their need for emotional nurturing satisfied.


Why Do We Fall In Love? (Based on the psychology of falling in love) You were walking down the street, nothing was unusual and then suddenly she came out from a nearby shop and it happened that you fell in love with her at the first sight!


The 10 things people need to fall in love. Kevin Loria. May 20, 2015, 5:44 PM ... Psychologists have identified ten factors that can generally explain why we fall in love with someone, according ...


Why Do People Need Someone to Love? ... Through the course of our living, we develop values upon affections we feel for other people. Love is a powerful and multifaceted feeling, implying caring for someone deeply. Romantic love is only one aspect of this strong emotion we strive for so enthusiastically. The friendly love, involving fidelity ...


This finding counters the longstanding view that love is based in emotion; instead, it seems that love springs from our goal-seeking behavior and that the emotions we attach to it come second to our motivation. But the question remains: Why do we love?


And neediness is extremely unattractive. We are raised to believe that an adult does not care what other people think, does not need people to be in the world, and certainly does not place ...


Procreation, wanting affection – these are just a couple of reasons people have sex. WebMD lists 20 common sex motivations and the difference between men’s and women’s reasons.