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Why Do We Need Computers? Home Technology Computers & Hardware Computers play many important roles in society, helping to promote communication and interaction with others as well as providing users a way to shop, play games and have access to education.


Why Do People Use Computers? Home Technology Computers & Hardware Computers were originally used in order to solve mathematical equations; however, now they are used to streamline communication, analyze data, store information, play games and find information through the Internet.


The reason of why people use computer : Speed: People use computer to makes their job can be done easier and faster . For example , transferring data , banking , communication , and more . Reliability: People are using computer to do their jobs because human can get affected by many factors and cause them cant achieved their job .


People need computers to do everything from shopping, writing papers, playing video games, work, pretty much everything and anything has to do with them.


Ok i know some people who have 2 computers. Sometimes its ither a computer and a laptop or a computer and another computer orr a laptop and another laptop. But i wonder why some people need 2 computers. Whats the point of having 2 computers/laptops?. I dont mean to be rude im actually asking because i want 2 myself.


Why you don't need a computer anymore. There's an interesting trend in the digital world that has computer-makers in a frenzy. People aren't buying new computers.


Top 5 Reason why people use computer: computer will help people to find information. we can communicate with each other using computer. use computer for the purpose of study. we can use computer as entertaiment for example listen music,playing game and watching video. some people will use computer for their business purpose.


Asking the question, "Why do we need computer networking?" in today’s world is like asking "Why do we need the automobile?" We live in a world of data and information. We love to share data and information. All that data and information gets from my house to your house thanks to the concepts of computer networking.


Today, many people all over the world use some form of a computer every day. Having a general understanding of computers can help you function in today's world and it can prevent you from getting left behind. Below we've created a list of reasons why you should learn more about computers with ...


However, getting past this point is very beneficial because of the vast array of opportunities that a computer can offer. Even people who don't own a computer can easily access them while at school or by visiting their local library. Although the overall list is long, there are usually several main reasons why you decide to use computers.