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While most people are influenced by others, and we have a desire to be social and "popular", there are also a small percentage of people that do not follow the crowd, and because they don't want ...


People want to appear to be in the know rather than behind the times either positively and negatively that forwarded on. Humans are acutely social animals, and trend-following appears most radically in our youth and early adulthood, when we're mos...


There are many trends I like on others, but I'm not interested to try them myself (prime example: jumpsuits). There are also trends I dislike, but what other people choose to wear is none of my business, so while I might express my disdain for a certain piece, I in no way mean to criticize those who wear it. Do you follow trends? If yes, why?


Why Do People Follow Fashion Trends? Fashion encompasses so many different aspects of people’s lives. It could be clothes, automobiles, home furnishing or electronic devices among others. The people who follow current fashion trends do so as a way of expressing themselves, personal preferences and sense of style.


But do you view trend following differently according to the goods being bought? Do you judge someone who has bought the latest Louis Vuitton handbag in the same way as someone who has bought an iPad? Find out how you can use questions like “Why do people follow fashion trends?” in class. ———————————


See, Fashion is the thing that makes you graceful.. Without that, you cannot expect yourself to live upto certain standards… People who follow fashion are good but the people who trend are even better.. So people follow fashion to keep themselves ...


It's been something that we've been doing for a long, long time. Following. It's not just something people do on "Twitter", it's a real fashion trend. Every-one's got the latest cell phone, every ...


Where Do Fashion Trends Start? Why People Care About What's In Style, And What It Really Represents ... Because if we're going to follow trends, we may as well understand why ... It's what's ...


Over the course of history, fashion changed significantly, but its core function remained the same. Today, people follow fashion to keep the pace with the latest trends. Fashion has become an important part of many people's lives, regardless of age, and often name brands make individuals feel better about themselves.


Successful entrepreneurs know how to follow the most significant trends in the scope of their businesses. Some people create trends, and there are the people who understand the trends. Also, there are the people who create and understand trends. The rest are people that neither created nor follow trends. The same is in the business world.