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The most likely reason that a cat follows its owner around is that she wants to show her owner affection, according to Catster. The cat may simply want to be in the same room as its owner or in close proximity to its owner at all times.


From a sociological point of view, people follow fashion to satisfy their basic demands of conformity and novelty. Fashion facilitates social change and makes individuals feel like they fit in the community they live in.


The most compelling reason people work is usually to earn money. However, people also work to engage in a personal passion, to achieve personal fulfillment, to challenge themselves, to grow and to have a place to belong.


Dogs follow their owners everywhere because their instincts tell them to stay close to their family. According to Vetstreet, following their family members is one of the first behaviors young puppies learn.


Pets Adviser explains that a dog follows its owner around the house because it is hard-wired to live in a social group as a pack animal. The dog is doing what comes naturally by following the leader of the pack.


There are two theories as to why people age. One theory posits that aging is naturally programmed into the body. The second theory is that aging is the result of damage that has accumulated during life, which is why some people live longer than others.


A person concerned about people staring at him is possibly experiencing a form of the "spotlight effect." According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the spotlight effect is the tendency for one to overestimate his own assumptions when it comes to evaluating how...