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Why do people follow? More importantly, why would people follow you? Anybody can be a leader. Really. From top-line CEO to front-line employee, anybody can be a leader in your organization. In fact, everyone in your organization should be a leader and should think like a CEO. As authors, Tom Rath and Barry Conchie so eloquently write in Strengths Based […]


Why People Follow the Leader: The Power of Transference ... is that followers have their own motivations and are as powerfully driven to follow as leaders are to lead. ... is the emotional glue ...


10 Reasons People Will Follow a Leader Anywhere: 1. ... Their mark will truly be identified as someone who genuinely cared about people and made positive impacts in the lives of people. It’s great to have leaders whose leadership impacts you positively enough that you would utter this phrase, “I Will Follow That Leader Anywhere!” ...


Here are some of the psychological reasons that we choose and follow bad leaders. Psychology Today. Find a Therapist . Find a Therapist. Therapists v. ... Do People Who Have Grit Have It All the Time?


An important chapter of this book is all about why people follow leaders. For so long, leadership research has focused on asking leaders what they do. But with this focus of research, there is a very obvious point overlooked: You are a Leader only if others follow you.


Why do people follow bad leaders and what can you do about it? Most of us have either experienced or currently work with bosses who are incompetent, tyrannical or vindictive. You may have asked yourself how someone so incompetent ended up in a position of power. Or you may wonder why everyone seems to put up with the tyranny of a volatile and ...


The same happens with leaders and their followers. If the leader doesn’t have followers, how can the agricultural business be successful? Gallup, a national research-based survey company, conducted a study of more than 10,000 people from 2005 to 2008 to determine, “Why do people follow a leader?” Take a moment and ask yourself this question.


For the most, people make decisions and choices based on securing themselves the most beneficial outcome. So, when it comes to choosing to follow a leader, people do so either because there is some reward for doing so (even if the reward is not desirable but offers a better outcome than any alternative options) or because the leader's values, opinions and beliefs echo their own.


The question of why people follow isn’t settled. Is following about leaders or is following about followers? Chances are it isn't an either or question. Most leadership books focus on leaders but there is a growing collection of books that either include or focus on followership. For example: Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and…


Instruct the rest of the players to follow the leader, doing whatever the leader does exactly as they do it. Anyone who doesn't follow exactly is out of the game. • Signal the end of the game when only 1 person is left following the leader. That person then becomes the leader of the next game.