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Why Do People Follow Bad Leaders? How to Spot a Bad Leader, in 2009 and 2019. The 4 Worst Types of Bosses To Work For. Which Type of Boss Do You Work For? 5 Interesting Strategies to Build Your ...


Great leaders possess humility. They seek others’ input because they are aware of their limitations. Moreover, they continually strive to improve and become better leaders. 2.


First, a leader needs to deliver results in a quality manner. They need to follow through on business commitments and hold others accountable to their commitments. Second, a leader needs to demonstrate integrity. They need to behave in a consistent, reliable manner, be open with information and walk the talk when it comes to ethics and values.


Indeed, in 30 years of experience as a psychoanalyst, anthropologist, and management consultant, I have found that followers are as powerfully driven to follow as leaders are to lead. Followers’...


After reading ‘How Full is Your Bucket’ by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton PhD, I read another of Rath’s books titled ‘Strengths Based Leadership’. An important chapter of this book is all about why people follow leaders. For so long, leadership research has focused on asking leaders what they do. But with this focus of research, there is a very obvious point overlooked: You are a ...


10 Reasons People Will Follow a Leader Anywhere: 1. They have a mind of their own, not a “Yes Man or Yes Woman.” 2.


Why People Blindly Follow a Narcissist No Matter What!!! “The rejection of scrutiny is the first characteristic of a narcissist leader. They do not like to be examined, and are convinced nothing is wrong with them. In their mind, it is the rest of the world who has a problem. In that context, the only […]


We call them leaders because they will choose to sacrifice so that their people may be safe and protected, and so their people may gain. And when we do that, the natural response is that our people will sacrifice for us. They will see that their leader’s vision comes to life.


The best leaders always surround themselves with individuals who are better than they are. They look for people who know more than they know, without feeling threatened or defensive. They look to...


Good leaders, excel at motivating other people to do what they are asked. Good leaders, lead followers. If you want to build a company that is enduring, having good leaders is not enough. You must build a culture of leadership throughout your organization that cultivates great leaders.