Call 911 whenever a situation requires immediate assistance from police officers, fire fighters or emergency medical personnel, explains Some examples of such situations include crimes, fires, car wrecks, diffic... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

Police officers and emergency room workers may provide anecdotal proof that 911 calls increase during a full moon, but there isn't any hard evidence to back up this assertion. Though many people assume that there is a co... More »

As of 2015, the Text-to-911 service is only available to limited areas in the United States; most consumers cannot reach 911 by text message. has a list of areas where the Text-to-911 service is available. More » Technology Mobile

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Most police officers work eight-hour shifts each day, but some police departments run 10- and 12-hour shift rosters. In a typical eight-hour system, there are three shifts rotating over a 24-hour period. More »

Educational requirements for police officers are determined on a state-by-state, agency-by-agency level, according to Most departments require at least a high school diploma or a GED, while extremel... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement