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Corns are a thickening on the skin between the toes and can be painful, according to MedicineNet. A common symptom is pain and tenderness near the area. Corns can be painful regardless of the size.


Pressure from ill-fitting shoes often causes bumps to develop on toes, according to Riverside Health System. A corn is a bump that develops on the top of a toe due to friction between the shoe and the toe.


A melanoma may cause a small amount of pain if it appears under the toenail. However, it may also have no symptoms at all. Melanomas under the toenail often appear as brown or black streaks, according to WebMD.


According to the American Association of Endodontists, tooth pain can be a symptom of a wide variety of dental problems including decay, injury or infection. While mild sensitivity can be linked to receding gums and poses little harm, other dental pain can signify a mor...


About.com explains that the second toe develops longer than the big toe from a condition called Morton's toe, which results from irregularities in the metatarsal bones in the feet. The metatarsal bones are the long bones in the ball of the foot. In those with Morton's t...


According to WebMD, chronic muscle pain is likely caused by a condition known as myofascial pain syndrome, or MPS. Another possible cause is fibromyalgia, which is the most common musculoskeletal condition after osteoarthritis. MPS is usually somewhat localized to speci...


Mild to severe ear pain is a common symptom of a middle ear infection, according to WebMD. Middle ear infections are often secondary to colds and are caused by excess fluid build-up behind the eardrum. Additional symptoms include popping or ringing in the ears, as well ...