WebMD explains that the leading theory behind experiencing joint and bone pain before rain has to do with changes in barometric pressure. Described as the weight of the atmosphere around everything, barometic pressure dr... More »

Although a local anesthetic is used during a bone marrow biopsy, a deep, aching pain may occur once the needle is fully inserted into the bone and the syringe draws liquid from the marrow, according to MedlinePlus. Once ... More »

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All cancerous tumors eventually cause pain if they aren't treated, but they are usually painless at first. Some tumors cause pain early in the progression of the disease, such as bone tumors and testicular tumors. More »

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WebMD reports that broken tailbones typically heal on their own and are treated at home. The goal of these home remedies is to relieve pain and discomfort, and a physician may prescribe prescription medication to manage ... More »

Treatment for a broken metatarsal where the bones remain in alignment includes wearing a cast for six to eight weeks, according to MedlinePlus. If the ends of the bones do not meet, patients require surgery. After surger... More »

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Individuals with fractured ribs should lie on the injured side of the body, says WebMD, unless the neck or back is also injured. This allows the person to take the deepest possible breaths. More »

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Shoulder sprain, broken collarbone and weightlifter's shoulder are some conditions that cause collarbone pain. According to Drugs.com, a painful collarbone can indicate a torn ligament, also referred to as a shoulder spr... More »