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Sometimes Yellow Leaves Are Normal! Sometimes marijuana leaves turn yellow for totally normal reasons, including…. First Leaves Turn Yellow – Normal. After your plant has grown a few sets of leaves, it’s very normal for the first few sets of leaves to turn yellow and die, especially if they’re not getting light anymore.


Cannabis plant leaves turn yellow sometimes, but there’s more than one reason as to why. We’re going to explain each of the most common reasons and how to remedy them. Growing cannabis is expensive, so we want to help make sure that your plants stay healthy, green and produce great flower.


There are several different reasons why your pot leaves are turning yellow. A variety of factors cause chlorosis, the technical name for a reduction of chlorophyll that results in yellow leaves.


Yellow Cannabis Leaves. It’s better to read this marijuana blog and not need it than to not read it and come undone in the grow room. Sometimes things go wrong in the cannabis garden. Even the best marijuana growers can run into trouble occasionally and yellow leaves are usually the first warning sign.


Let us first have a look at the reasons the leaves could probably turn yellow. pH. In soil or hydroponics ensure that the pH of the soil checks out. The common reason for a cannabis plant having difficulty absorbing nutrients from the soil is unbalanced pH. The acidic or basic soil deprives the plant of nutrients, and the leaves turn yellow.


On this page you will find example of marijuana plant problems and the possible solutions to help your plant to get healthy again. We want to point out that most of the problems people have like, yellow leaves, brown spots and curly leaves are because of a deficiency of nutrients.


Why Plant Leaves Turn Yellow in Containers. Because of the closed environment in container plants, the conditions must be carefully controlled. There is a limited amount of space, area to store moisture, nutrient in the medium, and lighting and temperature must be considered for each species of potted plant.


Cannabis deficiencies and other cannabis leaf symptoms can be a headache for any grower. Luckily, many weird weed leaf spots, marijuana leaves turning yellow, the whole marijuana plant turning yellow, and other strange cannabis leaf deficiencies can be fixed by getting a good nutrient system that is formulated for plants like the tomato.


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Lower leaves are still turning yellow and dying. Here are few pics of its current state: Using Bio Bizz nutes, watering & feeding every 2. day, ph seems to be fine.