Eyebrows are significant to humans because of their physical and psychological functions. They prevent small objects, moisture and dust from falling into the eyes and detect objects closer to the eyes. In addition, the v... More »

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Human hair functions as a means of regulating body temperature and it acts as a sensory organ. Hair also helps to protect the skin from external damage such as sun, wind and foreign particles. More »

To draw a human face, draw an egg-shaped oval, and draw the eyes halfway between the top of the head and the jaw’s bottom line. Draw in the remaining facial features such as the nose, lips and eyebrows, and add the ears ... More »

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Scientists theorize that eyebrows help divert stinging sweat and vision-obscuring moisture such as rain from running into the eyes. The arch shape helps to keep liquids to the sides of the face. Eyebrows also play a sign... More »

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Anatomy and physiology course topics may include the human nervous system, muscle function, the endocrine system, the skeletal system and tissue functions, as indicated on the Harvard University website. Additional topic... More »

The BBC explains that the skeletal system’s main functions include providing shape, support and protection for the body. Additionally, in conjunction with the muscular system, it allows the body to move in a coordinated ... More »

Brain function diagrams make it easy to illustrate what parts of the brain are associated with different thought processes, bodily functions and other mental capabilities, explains the Brainwaves Center. All that is nece... More »

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