Nail psoriasis and fungal infections are the most common causes of yellow fingernails, according to the NHS Choices website. Other potential causes include nail polish stains, lymphedema, sinus inflammation, tuberculosis... More »

A fungal infection can cause the nails to change colors. Changing of nail appearances may also be caused by a more serious condition, according to WebMD. More »

Nail polish can discolor fingernails for several reasons, explains Self magazine. Color reactions from dark polishes are most common, with colorants reacting to the nail plate and causing yellowing. This reaction can be ... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Nail Polish

Dented fingernails are usually caused by an underlying health conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, alopecia areata and Reiter Syndrome. These diseases affect the growth of the nail in the nail matrix or cause a loss of... More »

Several things cause bumps on fingernails including malnourishment, dehydration, disease, fungal infection, toxins, iron deficiency, arthritis and psoriasis according to MedlinePlus. Injury to the nail bed or nail matrix... More »

To get rid of yellow stains on fingernails, buff out the discoloration with a drop of lemon oil or lavender oil, suggests Allure Magazine, or brush away stains with a toothbrush dipped in Clorox diluted with water, recom... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care

Heavy manual labor, protein deficiency, yeast infections and chemical exposure are causes of peeling fingernails, according to New Health Guide. Other possible causes include weather changes and medical conditions such a... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care