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Why Do Dogs Like to Sniff Crotches? ... People who have had sexual intercourse recently seem to attract this kind of attention from dogs. Women who are menstruating or who have given birth ...


Why is it that dogs are more inclined to sniff our crotches when we’re on our periods? And — yes, while we’re going there — why in the hell do they raid the trash can and eat used tampons?


Why do Dogs Smell our Crotch?. Humanizing dog behavior is a mistake for many reasons. It distances us from dog behavior and prevents us from properly understanding why they do what they...


Why Do Dogs Sniff Crotches? Dogs have a keenly developed sense of smell—with approximately 220 million sensors in their noses as compared to only 5 million in humans—and are capable of detecting scents unnoticeable to humans. The sense of smell is a vital way of obtaining information for canines.


The dogs that do sniff out drugs havebeen specially trained to do so. The reason that dogs are used tosniff out drugs is because of their great sense of smell. share with friends


Why Dogs Smell Our Private Parties ? Awesome EVA FOX. Home Remedies for Health. ... Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom & Other Strange Behaviors ... How To Finger A Woman Right (Make Her Come!) ...


Best Answer: Female dogs when they are in heat secreat a small amount of blood and it puts a small oder out very similar to a period so it alerts the male that she is ready for him. Thus when you are on your period he is smelling somthing to him is like perfume. This may sound gross to you but to the dog it ...


Best Answer: Ok, look at it from the dog's point of view: Dogs are pack animals and whereas we recognise and greet each other through using our faces and body language, dogs use their acute sense of smell and recognise and greet each other through sniffing bottoms (equivalent in doggy terms to recognising someone by looking at their face).


Why Do Dogs Smell Human Crotches and Butts? Dogs can have some pretty strange behaviors but one really takes the cake. Why do dogs feel compelled to sniff human rears and crotches? It’s so embarrassing! You’ve probably had it happen to you; maybe it was your dog acting up when a friend comes ...


Why do dogs like to sniff people's crotches? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 20 Answers. ... And yes, they will come up to a menstruating women because that smell tells them so much about her. They sometimes get excited because that smell is similar to what their females smell like when they are in canine estrus. ... Why do dogs sniff things so ...