According to the ASPCA, dogs scratch at carpets because they are instinctively driven to dig. Dogs dig in the wild to make comfortable sleeping places, to entertain themselves, to bury items they want to save for later a... More »

The urge to scratch the floor or ground before lying down may be residual instinct from a dog's ancestors. Scratching helped remove sticks and stones, even out the ground and make it into a hole for sleeping. More »

Domesticated dogs that scratch the floor before lying down do so from an instinct to scratch to create a softer or safer resting place. In the wild, dogs scratch the ground to create comfortable, temperature controlled s... More »

The best way to remove dog urine from carpets is to soak up the liquid as quickly as possible with absorbent material and then pour water on the area before sponging it dry. A mixture of detergent, water and vinegar can ... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

A dog licking a carpet can be due to a behavior-related issue, a neurological problem, a health reason or boredom. Dogs can exhibit compulsive behavior, which is the adherence to a certain set of behavior patterns for a ... More »

Spraying a solution of equal parts vinegar and equal parts water on the areas of the carpet where the dog has previously relieved himself helps to prevent the dog from repeating his behavior. Dogs are offended by vinegar... More »

To neutralize dog urine, use an extractor or wet vac and clean the stained area with water, and allow the carpet to dry. Apply an enzyme-based pet stain remover to the area to neutralize the odor. Odors that persist afte... More »