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If you read through everything and your only response is to think “I'm a man and animals like me, so your answer is wrong!”, then you missed the point. So allow me to add that my answer to the question of “why are some animals attracted to some people” is not that they like women only!


I'm not sure why, but wherever I go all kinda of different animals come to me and seem to instantly like me. If I go somewhere even remotely close to any dog it will come up to me and regardless of past, most of them are playful and kind to me (even though some have had histories of hurting people).


I've always loved animals and I've been noticing for quite some time that they really, really like certain people. All the animals that I come into contact with seem to like me (even bugs are drawn to me, much to my displeasure). Random dogs and cats will come to me seemingly out of nowhere and ...


7 Things Dogs Do That Prove They Really, Really Love You. ... Dogs are pack animals, used to cuddling up in dens with their families. ... Just like with humans, dogs communicate much of what they're feeling through their facial expressions. And sometimes, their eyebrows are the key.


This Site Might Help You. RE: Why do animals tend to like me so much? For sone reason animals feel comfortable around me even when they don't around other people and they always tend to follow me around.


The science behind why some people love animals and others couldn’t care less ... The science behind why some people love animals and others couldn’t care less ... then genetics might help ...


I just recently figured out I was an aspie so I am looking back at my life and realizing how many things are a part of this aspergers thing. I know it may be a strange question but it crossed my mind that animals and children have always been attracted to me for some reason that I could never figure out.


Are You an Unconscious Healer? gia combs-ramirez. April 28, 2007. ... Pick a form of healing that you like to do (Earth, animals, elderly people, etc.) and “tell” your healing self you only want it to go into healing mode when you are around those people. Next read some books about energy and learn how to protect yourself energetically.


In this article we answer the questions Why Do Cats Like To Sleep With Their Owners? Why Do Cats Like To Sleep With Their Owners? Cats are very vulnerable when they are sleeping and like to find a place, or person, that they trust to sleep on. When they sleep with their owner they are confirming to you that they trust you.


Perhaps saying, "I hate animals" is a bit of a strong statement, but I can say, very plain and simply, I definitely do not like animals. No, forget that. In fact, I do hate animals. I know you ...