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Why did Adolf Hitler kill Jewish people? —TL? ? ? Entire books have been written on this matter, and it is still debated as to how much of that hatred was Adolf Hitler’s own and how much was he just pandering to the reviving hatred that had been in the German people (and a good many other European Christians) since medieval times.


How,why and with what results did Hitler persecute the Jews ? How,why and with what results did Hitler persecute the Jews ? Hitler made them numerous promises and used many techniques of propaganda. Through Hitlers entire regime , Hitler’s main goal was to persecute the jews. The Jews were severely mistreated by Hitler and his numerous followers.


Why did Hitler Kill Jews? Well Jurgen, this question goes back to several things : 1) That since Judaism does not preach conversion of others , Jews will always be small in number, and therefore have always been a small minority in every country.


And why did they fight this assumed enemy with genocide? The holocaust was not monocausal. First we have to mention the traditional Christian/Judaism antipathy. This was common in all of Europe, not just in Germany or Austria. Jews were a minority in Europe, and had a lot to suffer.


Answer 1 The reason why Hitler hated, targeted and killed the Jews was because that: He regarded (most) Jews as Communists. He blamed the Jews for causing the defeat of Germany in World War 1.


By the winter of 1941–1942, the four Einsatzgruppen and their helpers had killed almost 500,000 people. The largest massacre of Jews by the mobile killing squads in the Soviet Union was at a ravine called Babi Yar outside Kiev, where 33,771 Jews were killed in a single operation on 29–30 September 1941.


But first, the Jews must be eliminated. The question that typically arises is why did Hitler hate Jews and did he invent the hatred of the Jewish people? Hitler used anti-Semitic ideas and philosophies to spurn his hatred of the Jews and convince his followers that they were responsible for Germany’s economic woes.


Biological differences – Hitler and many Nazis believed in the superiority of the Aryan (German) race and that Jews were inferior to such an extent that they were almost non-human in his eyes. He felt that he would be doing the world a favor by wiping out the Jewish race. But fundamentally, why did Hitler hate Jews?


Best Answer: Hitler killed more than Jews, Hitler wanted to kill anyone who wasn't German, or who had any physical or mental problems. Hitler was greatly influence by Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. Hitler believed that the German people were the most advanced race of people, and all others were inferior.


Why Did Hitler Hate Jewish People? Why did Hitler target Jewish people? What did they ever do to Hitler that caused him to target them? Watch as we go back in time to discuss this topic. NEW ...