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Why Is Carbon Dioxide Important? Carbon dioxide is important because it is used in photosynthesis, a process that is necessary for the survival of life on Earth. Carbon dioxide is also a vital greenhouse gas that helps trap heat in the atmosphere, and it plays a key role in Earth's carbon cycle.


Carbon dioxide plays an important part in vital plant and animal process, such as photosynthesis and respiration. These processes will be briefly explained here. Green plants convert carbon dioxide and water into food compounds, such as glucose, and oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis.


Carbon dioxide is important in the atmosphere as it is one of thegreenhouse gases that has been helping to keep the earth warm formillions of years. Not too much, not too little, but just the ...


Furthermore, the atmospheric residence time of CO2 is exceedingly long, being measured in thousands of years (23). This makes the reduction and control of atmospheric CO2 a serious and pressing issue, worthy of real-time attention. It’s important to note that while CO2 may be climate’s control knob, the metaphor only goes so far.


Carbon is an essential element for all life, so understanding how it moves helps us to understand biological processes and factors that influence them. One form carbon takes is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, CO 2. Increased levels of carbon dioxide insulate the Earth, causing temperatures to rise.


Climate change is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide (CO 2) in the atmosphere. This carbon overload is caused mainly when we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas or cut down and burn forests. There are many heat-trapping gases (from methane to water vapor), but CO 2 puts us at the ...


Most of us know that CO₂ is a colorless, odorless gas that’s soluble in water and often seen as the bubbles in fizzy drinks. But it’s also a greenhouse gas, a by-product that’s released when we burn materials containing carbon, as well as a gas formed in the respiratory and metabolic processes of living organisms, which can also be considered slow burning reactions.


Though carbon dioxide is present in very small proportion (0.03%) in the atmosphere, it performs very important functions as mentioned below: 1. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not absorb the incoming visible radiations coming from the sun blocks the out going infrared radiations radiated by earth.


Carbon dioxide is a colorless and non-flammable gas at normal temperature and pressure. Although much less abundant than nitrogen and oxygen in Earth's atmosphere, carbon dioxide is an important constituent of our planet's air. A molecule of carbon dioxide (CO 2) is made up of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms.


Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound consisting of one part carbon and two parts oxygen and represented by the chemical formula CO 2 .For a number of reasons, carbon dioxide is one of the most important gases on Earth.