Pythagoras was educated in Tyre, Samos and Miletus, which is present-day Syria and Asia Minor, as well as Egypt. He later founded his own mystery school in Croton, which is southern Italy. More »

Other than basic skills in reading, writing, and math, Leonardo da Vinci had little formal education. Out of an appreciation of 14-year old da Vinci's artistic talents, his father arranged for him to apprentice in Floren... More »

Mark Twain stopped going to school after he finished elementary school. He often said that education and schooling are different, and he credited life experience for teaching him how to write and tell stories. More » Art & Literature Literature Classics

Pythagoras is most famous for the Pythagorean Theorem, which shows the relationship between the length of the two legs of a right triangle and the length of its hypotenuse. He is also famous for other aspects of his math... More »

The exact cause of Pythagoras' death is unknown. There are numerous stories related to the circumstances of his death, but none is confirmed as true. More »

Some cities named after Alexander the Great are Alexandria in Egypt, Kandahar in Afghanistan and Iskandariya in Iraq. After conquering an area, Alexander would build a fortress, garrison it with troops and often name it ... More »

Archimedes went to school at the Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt under the guidance of former students of the mathematician Euclid. He continued studying mathematics, physics, astronomy and military techniques after... More »