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Tigers play the roles of apex predator and keystone species in their ecosystems. Requiring large prey and vast territories, tigers maintain food webs that keep prey populations in check. Tigers risk extinction in the face of poaching and habitat loss.


Thus all life forms including tiger are interlinked with each other in an ecosystem and their survival depends upon how intact the ecosystem is. Top carnivores, tigers, have an important role to play in the structuring of communities and ultimately of ecosystems. Thus, the preservation of tigers becomes an important consideration.


Actually all animals that live in an ecosystem are important to the ecosystem. Such as tigers help keep populations down so the tigers prey do not take over the ecosystem with population.


Tigers are important to the ecosystem by controlling the levels of other animals within the food chain. So if a tiger eats 7 rabbits a day, which in turn eat 7 carrots a day; removing the tiger ...


I have to tell you, quite honestly, that we don’t have an education programme where we go out to try to educate school children about why tigers are important. The reason is because Panthera was set up to occupy a niche not occupied previously: that’s to go out with a fine-tuned focus to address the most critical threats – immediately ...


An Ecosystem itself means That it has to Sustain Each & Every form of Creation or Life starting from The Micro Organisms, Phytoplanktons up to The Large Carnivores with Humans and it also includes External Environment like Land, Water resources, A...


Why should we save tigers? At the turn of the 20th century, it is estimated that India probably had many thousands of tigers in the wild. The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), Government of India, have been conducting tiger estimation surveys in partnership with NGOs.


tigers to roam freely, but also many other endangered species that live there and form the very important thing that makes our planet unique . Saving the Sumatran tigers mean saving the forest, and by saving the forest supply both nature and people with fresh water, food and air. So by saving the Sumatran tigers we are helping people as well!


A healthy tiger population thus also protects all that remains of our natural ecosystems. 3. Tiger brings Rain. ... I think it is important to save the tiger and do anything possible in that. The politicians will need to told that the tiger makes much of the GDP and needs to be protected. ... Top Five Reasons Why You Must Act to Save the Tiger ...


Why save the tiger. There are as few as 3,500 wild tigers left. With increasing threats from man, they desperately need your help to survive. ... As apex predators, tigers shape the ecosystems in which they live. ... (one of the most important non-wood forest products) carbon storage and sequestration (vital for climate protection against ...