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Most species of sharks are endangered to some degree, however some species are critically endangered. These species are facing extinction because of a combination of the threats to their specific habitat and food sources, as well low reproductive rates.


Let’s explore the species at risk of endangerment and the human activities that have caused this crisis in the first place. By the end of this, we should be able to figure out the answer to the question, “Why are sharks endangered?” The Many Species Of Shark That Are Endangered


Threatened sharks are those vulnerable to endangerment in the near future.The International Union for Conservation of Nature is the world's oldest global environmental organization.It evaluates threatened species, and treats threatened species not as a single category, but as a group of three categories, depending on the degree to which they are threatened:


Shark Threats What are the main shark threats? Sharks are endangered as an exclusive result of human impacts and activities. Today, the main shark threats include commercial shark finning (for traditional medicine and shark fin soup) and entanglement in commercial fishing gear.


A shark species is considered threatened if the IUCN Red List includes it starting in the Vulnerable status as this category being “less risky” among all the critical levels. The Near-Threatened category, although it is not an indication of an endangered species, sets a precedent and indicates a potentially endangered species in the future.


Sharks are on the brink of extinction with studies reporting their numbers all over the world being lower than those of tigers. This news is anything but good, and unless we ourselves take some measures and find out why sharks are endangered and spread awareness, things could only get worse.


In March of 2013, as a result of tremendous international cooperation, five shark species were listed by CITES—an international organization. This means increased protection for these particular sharks, while still allowing legal and sustainable trade. A healthy ocean needs healthy shark populations -- and endangered sharks need our help.


The whale shark is threatened in the wild and is officially listed as a vulnerable species. Let’s find out why these animals are under threat. Why are whale sharks endangered? The whale shark is protected in many parts of its range, but commercial fisheries for this animal do exist in certain parts of the world.


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The growing trade in shark fins –often used to make an expensive Asian soup—has become a serious threat to many shark species. The latest research suggests that around 100 million sharks may be killed annually, often targeted for their fins. This practice affects many different shark species, including whale sharks.