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Pretzels are crunchy, low in fat and portable, but they're not necessarily healthy. A quick glance at the nutrition label on a package of pretzels reveals that they're quite low in fat, but many consumers choose to stop there and opt for pretzels as a supposedly healthy snack.


Pretzels aren't the best sources of these vitamins and minerals, but at least there is something good in your pretzel snacking. Salt is one of the biggest downsides to eating pretzels. While sodium is a necessary part of your diet, you don’t actually have to add it to any of your foods to get the proper amount.


Pretzels are one of best snacks when it comes to fat content. A 100-gram serving of hard pretzels, or about 16 pretzels depending on their size, has just three grams of total fat and no cholesterol. A significant amount of the fat -- 88 percent -- consists of healthy unsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol.


Should I Eat Pretzels? By Mandy Oaklander July 30, 2015 4/5 experts say no. You might think pretzels are the best nutritional choice from the vending machine, since they’re typically free of (or ...


Pretzels are defined by whatever extra flavor and dips they have that accompany them. For example, pretzels which are flavored with cinnamon or sugar that are generally called the sweet varieties, are bad for health, as are those pretzels that come with savory dips like honey mustard and even barbecue dips.


It's Time To Face The Facts: Pretzels Are Not Good, In Fact, They're Bad. ... Well, my tongue, and the attached taste buds, have helped me determine that pretzels are bad. And you know they are too!


Popcorn and pretzels—these are two salty snacks people often reach for if they’re looking for lower-calorie options or just seeking out healthy snack ideas. And with thousands of snacks to choose from, it’s hard to know what snack food is the best pick. We put these two popular snacks head-to ...


Another popular legend credits a baker with a bad drinking habit with inventing the pretzel. As the story goes, the baker was to be sentenced to jail. The judge told him he would remain free if he could make a small cake through which the sun could shine three times. Hence the pretzel.


Pretzels make up a part of several European diets -- they originated in Italy or France and eventually became a part of German and Austrian cuisine. Each small soft pretzel contributes approximately 2 ounces of grains to your daily intake; the USDA recommends 6 to 7 total ounces of grains each day.


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