Use of the term "cop" to refer to a police officer came about because a "copper" is someone who captures or seizes something in English slang. The word "cop" came to mean apprehension in the mid-19th century, and since p... More »

"Cop" is a shortened version of the word "copper." This slang term for police officers is derived from the verb use of "cop," meaning to take, steal or arrest. More »

No one is certain why the police are called the fuzz. According to The Straight Dope, what linguists know for certain is that "fuzz" was first used to refer to policemen by criminals in the United States during the late ... More »

Though first referenced by the Oxford English Dictionary in 1811, the slang term "pig" in reference to policemen didn't become popular until the late 1960s. The term was used by protesters at the 1968 Democratic National... More »

To become a police officer, complete the required education level, send an application to a police department and finish the training program, according to After graduating from the police academy training pro... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

Discretion is a police officer's option to use his judgment to interpret the law as it applies to misdemeanor crimes. The laws that apply to felony crimes, such as murder, are black and white. Laws that apply to misdemea... More »

When a police officer indicates Code 4, he is saying the situation is under control, according to the Statesman Journal. Code 4 is part of a coded language used on police and emergency radios transmitted through a police... More »