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6 Reasons Why Photography Matters Declan O’Neill is a professional photographer who lives in the South Island, New Zealand. He travels extensively capturing the beauty of New Zealand’s extraordinary landscape.


The photographs on the walls of a person's home or office can communicate a lot about what is important to him. Important people and events often are captured in photos that are preserved long after the people themselves are gone, allowing later generations to experience history.


They need to know that they are important and that they have a team of people who love them and care about them and the choices that they decide to make. Taking pictures may seem like a silly way to make that happen, but there are a few things that happen when you take a picture. Pictures connect us to those who came before.


Here are nine reasons why I think you should make photography your hobby also! 1. You can start from any level, at any age, with any camera. Taking pictures is completely personal. You do not need a fancy camera or a creative background to start taking pictures and making improvements. I’ve seen amazing photos taken with a phone camera.


Picture taken by Cassidy Downs, Mountainus Photography. Dec 2016. But WHY is it important? Having a camera and capturing a specific moment in time, a fraction of a second of a life, and moments that can be remembered later is something I've always found extraordinary, and it's what has drawn me to photography as a little bit of a side job.


Maybe because it reminds people of their old self. Maybe because it captures a specific moment of your life. A very specific second of your life. That one second which is now stored in your mobile for 1 year. Maybe because that is the only way the...


Why Is Photography Important to Society? Photography is important to society because it enables the diffusion of objective information through the visual capture of things as they really are. Photography allows people to accurately familiarize themselves with far-off landscapes and cultures.


Why photographs are so important. Posted on February 2, 2012 by wpadmin. As a photographer, I know how important images are for people to be able to capture certain memories, and it is my mission to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. Firstly, one of the main functions of a photograph is to capture the atmosphere of a moment ...


The importance of pictures in your stories. Yesterday, 18 July 2012, marked the 20th anniversary of the first photo ever to be uploaded to the World Wide Web. A 7 News article reports that in 1992 a research laboratory in Geneva uploaded the photo of the four female members of the parody band Les Horribles Cernettes.


Sharing our favorite photos has become effortless in the digital age, from uploading to social media, to creating albums for print, they're simple to share in both digital and traditional ways. Our photographs share so much about who we are as individuals: what we find beautiful, fascinating, funny, delicious, important, inspiring.