Numbers are important scientifically, socially and economically. The effective manipulation of numbers opens the door to a detailed understanding of nature, smooth political action and a well-functioning distribution net... More »

Avogadro's number, also called Avogadro's law, creates a constant value for different gases, regardless of weight and structure, which makes it a foundational law in chemistry. Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro created h... More »

Prime numbers are important in mathematics because they function as indivisible units and serve as the foundation of several mathematical disciplines. Because a prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that can on... More »

The Hindu-Arabic number system, which is the system used around the world to represent figures, permits mathematical operations to be made on arbitrarily large numbers. This place-value number system, with its use of zer... More »

Use a random number generator by providing a range of numbers from which to generate one number and then initiating it to start. The generator outputs a random number from within the provided range. More » Math Numbers

The number 16 is an even number and is the only integer that has the form xy=yx, where x and y are different numbers (2 and 4). Another fact is that the base 16, or hexadecimal system, is a notational system for expressi... More »

The invention of numbers is not credited to one individual but is believed to have developed when ancient civilizations began to trade and individuals needed a way to count the materials they traded, as well as the compe... More »