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There are still places where men can't wear skirts. On Monday, a call-center worker in Britain who was sent home for wearing shorts came back wearing a dress. On Tuesday, ...


I don't see the reason for a man to wear a skirt. I don't even think men have an interest in wearing skirts, therefore, why is this even a debate? To be honest, if a man wants to wear a skirt then he should go for it but I just can't see where a man would have an interest to wear a skirt unless he's a feminine man or homosexual.


If the fashion industry started producing them and enough famous people started wearing them, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with men wearing skirts. So in other words - people are afraid of endorsing or doing what isn’t mainstream… not necessarily against men wearing skirts.


Men in the West do wear skirts and dresses. However, the proportion of men wearing skirts to women wearing pant suits is miniscule. There are a number of reasons why men don't wear skirts. For some, it's a combination of ignorance and/or fear. Thi...


I Wore Skirts For A Week As A Man And This Is What Happened. Skirts have long been considered a women's garment. ... I realize now that the social stigma about men wearing skirts doesn't really ...


And also, fortunately for the men who live there, wearing a skirt-type garment isn’t socially coded as feminine. Luisa Capetillo wearing men’s clothing, circa 1919. Wikipedia (photographer ...


This then begs the question: why are we so hung up about men wearing skirts in Australia? “Australia inherited an Anglocentric clothing system and despite the waves of transcultural migration ...


Why we should let all boys wear skirts to school . ... What if, argues Lees, men were allowed to “adopt feminine styles”? Perhaps that’s what’s been missing all along. It’s not that men benefit from male supremacy; they just haven’t discovered the joys of a nice tea dress or a fetching pair of kitten heels.


An interesting note is that in the original unused Star Trek pilot "The Cage," female Starfleet crew wore pants just like the men.In the reshot pilot, the women were dressed in skirts and remained so for the rest of the classic series. (This wasn't the only change that the studio forced on the production as a step away from feminism.


Overheated men and boys in the UK and Europe are defying dress codes by wearing skirts. Bus drivers in France are among those who have been coping with soaring temperatures by ditching their trousers.