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In 2008, conservationists warned that African elephants would become extinct by 2020 if widespread poaching continued. Young says that given the current rate of slaughter, he's "absolutely convinced" that African elephants could indeed be annihilated in the next six years.


Elephants Conservation Status. Elephants are endangered animals and that is a statement that all of us need to take very seriously. They are enormous animals and one that many cultures hold in high regard.


The world’s population of elephants is nearing a critical point, being depleted at unprecedented levels. ... But their range has shrunk and they are now extinct in the Middle East, on the ...


no elephants are not extinct they are becoming extinct though. About 100 years ago there were about 10 million elephants that walked the earth and now there are only about 500,000 left.


African elephants are listed as threatened under the American Endangered Species Act because the species is at risk of extinction due to poaching for their tusks, which are sold on the black market.


Precious ivory is the main reason why hundred years ago there were close to 10 millions elephants, and today there are less than half million elephants. If the current declining trend continues in less than 30 years elephants will go extinct.


Are Elephants Endangered. African elephants were classified as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in 2008. Back in 1979, there were around 1.3 million elephants roaming all throughout Africa, with few reports confirm an estimate of 3.0 million populations.


Where do elephants live and why are they important for the environment? There are two major species of elephants, African and Asian. African elephants are the largest mammal on earth, up to 14 feet (4 meters) tall and weighing in around 8 tons (6,300-7,300 kg).


Endangered Elephants Facts. In the past there were many species of elephants, which lived over most of the world except Australia. Some were much bigger than the elephants of today, but they are now extinct.


Elephants are also captured alive for domestic use, such as tourist attractions. Also, as the rainforest they call home are cut down, the closer these elephants must become to humans. They will start feeding on farmers' crops, which puts them at risk of being killed.