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Dogs make celebrating holidays even more fun. They can make boring chores, like laundry, more enjoyable just by being adorable. Every day is an adventure when you share your life with a dog. For more on why dogs are awesome, check out 15 Reasons That Life With Dogs Is the Best Way to Live. What are some reasons why your own dog is the best?


Here are 5 more reasons why we think Dogs are cool! Be sure to click ‘Share’ next to this post and pass this onto a Friend! Enjoy! #1: Dogs have an extra sense that can help WARN US about Natural Disasters! This is a real video clip and this dog knew about the Earthquake before...


I believe that most dogs have a good nature. The dogs that do go wrong are usually due to their owners who have either hurt, scared or scarred them. Like most animals…if you treat them with respect they’ll return the favor. What I’ve learned is that dogs quite simply are great. Their spirit is truly remarkable. Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Rock


To Cool Down. Once their body temperature rises, dogs can’t sweat through their skin like we do to cool off. Dogs do sweat through their paw pads, but it’s by panting that dogs circulate the necessary air through their bodies to cool down. If you’re near a body of water (like the beach), your dog can also regain her "cool" by jumping in.


One of the simplest ways to do this is to spray cool water all over your dog’s body. This creates a layer of moisture that envelops the dog, basically simulating the effect of having sweat glands all over the body. All you dog owners out there, take good care of your dogs and keep them cool so you can both enjoy the beautiful summer weather!


A dog is like the restaurant Olive Garden -- once you're there with one, it's family. I have a dog. His name is Wally. Sometimes we feud, but ultimately, we love each other. He looks kind of like this (but this is NOT him): I love my dog. You should love dogs, too. Why? Because they are cute and nice and fun. That's why.


Panting allows dogs to release heat and exchange it for cooler air. As you may imagine, this is not a very efficient process. It's even less efficient for short-faced dogs (like bulldogs or pugs). That's why dogs start to pant even when they get even a little bit warm. The hotter a dog becomes, the more intense the panting becomes.


When your dog is cold, they will show you signs to let you know they need to be warmed up. Contrary to popular belief, dogs do get cold far more often than many pet owners assume.


This is why dogs are amazing 🐕 👍 Credit Cool Animals. Related Videos. 0:30. When you share a room with your brothers :) Pet World. 90K views · January 30, 2019. 0:25. They are my children <3. Pet World. 39K views · January 22, 2019. 0:43.


Why Dogs Pant Heavily: Common Causes and Treatments. Panting helps dogs cool off when they’re hot or engaged in vigorous exercise. Dogs take between ten and thirty breaths a minute, depending on their size. Get to know what your dog’s everyday breathing and panting looks like so you’ll more quickly notice suspicious changes.