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Here are 5 more reasons why we think Dogs are cool! Be sure to click 'Share' next to this post and pass this onto a Friend! Enjoy! #1: Dogs have an extra sense that can help WARN US about Natural Disasters! This is a real video clip and this dog knew about the Earthquake before anyone else. Simply amazing! Please click 'SHARE' next to this post and please pass us onto a Friend! #2:...


Like most animals…if you treat them with respect they’ll return the favor. What I’ve learned is that dogs quite simply are great. Their spirit is truly remarkable. Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Rock Here are my ‘TOP 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are So Great’ or maybe why my dogs are so great. 10. They’re always happy to see you.


Have you ever seen a dog before? I have. Dogs are animals, but also so much more. Dogs are nice wolves. They are our pets. They are our brothers and sisters. A dog is like the restaurant Olive Garden -- once you're there with one, it's family. I have a dog. His name is Wally. Sometimes we feud, but ultimately, we love each other.


Dogs do sweat through their paw pads, but it’s by panting that dogs circulate the necessary air through their bodies to cool down. If you’re near a body of water (like the beach), your dog can also regain her "cool" by jumping in. Dangerous Signs – Heatstroke . Panting is a sign that your dog is excited, hot, or both.


I think most dog lovers would say that dogs are cool because they can make a shitty day great. I know the best part of my day is coming home and opening the door and seeing my border collie Bandit wag her tail and greet me with enthusiasm.


25 Reasons Dogs Are the Best Things on Earth. Sher Warkentin. Dec. 15, 2015. We list just a few of the amazing reasons why dogs are the best pets ever. If you're a dog owner, you probably already know just how awesome dogs are. They fill your life with love, loyalty, fur and plenty to smile about.


Why Dogs Pant Heavily: Common Causes and Treatments. Panting helps dogs cool off when they’re hot or engaged in vigorous exercise. Dogs take between ten and thirty breaths a minute, depending on their size. Get to know what your dog’s everyday breathing and panting looks like so you’ll more quickly notice suspicious changes.


On a related side note; if a dog does become overwhelmed by heatstroke, it is not advised to submerge the entire dog in water or pour ice-cold water over the dog as the different temperatures are too much to regulate quickly (use tepid or cool water). Additionally, long-haired dogs can become waterlogged causing the fur to hold in the heat and ...


Cool Tools to Save Dogs. What if we told you that a piece of paper could save a dog’s life? It can if that piece of paper is a Hot Car Flyer! Our popular Hot Car Flyers contain information about the dangers of hot cars as well as what to do if someone sees an animal in distress.


One of the simplest ways to do this is to spray cool water all over your dog’s body. This creates a layer of moisture that envelops the dog, basically simulating the effect of having sweat glands all over the body. All you dog owners out there, take good care of your dogs and keep them cool so you can both enjoy the beautiful summer weather!