Carrier pigeons are actually domesticated rock pigeons and not extinct. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has categorized rock pigeons in the "least concern" category. Rock pigeons are no longer used in ... More »

Common animals in Europe include beavers, gray wolves, roe deer, European starlings and rock pigeons. Many of these animals have similar counterparts in North America that are either native or introduced. Marine animals,... More » Pets & Animals Mammals

A Carrier Access Code, or CAC, is a seven-digit code that allows callers to reach a specific carrier from any telephone. These codes are sometimes used to dial around an interexchange carrier and obtain better rates. All... More »

The rockhopper penguin is characterized by the crest located on the top of its head that has spiky black and yellow feathers. It also has unique, bright red eyes and pink feet. This variety is the smallest of all penguin... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

Adélie penguins, native to the Antarctic continent and its surrounding coastal islands, are classified as the smallest of the Antarctic penguins, weighing an average of 8 to 13 pounds and growing to a height of 30 inches... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

Penguins are flightless, aquatic birds that, outside of zoos, live exclusively in the southern hemisphere. All species are black and white, are very social, and divide their time fairly equally between land and water. More »

Penguins are a family of flightless, aquatic birds. Distinguished by their typical black and white color scheme, a type of camouflage called "countershading," penguins spend as much as three-fourths of their lives in the... More »