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Astronomers study light waves collected from outer space to understand how the universe works. Because only a narrow band of light waves is visible to the human eye, they use telescopes and light-collecting antennae to collect, amplify and observe light that could not otherwise be perceived.


Jobs for astronomers are located around the world, with the majority of opportunities held at universities and research facilities. The industry tends to be highly competitive, with about 150 job openings in North America each year.


An astronomical unit is equal to 92.96 million miles or the mean distance between Earth and the sun. The International Astronomical Union refined the definition for this unit in 2012, making it a standard international value.


Astronomers use physics, chemistry and mathematics to study the makeup of the universe. They discover facts about other astrophysical objects using telescopes on Earth and in space, radio, computers and the geology of Earth. Astronomers also use digital cameras and charge-couple devices in order to


An astronomical unit, or AU, and a light-year are two separate measurements that are used for different distances in space. According to the University of Nebraska, an AU is the smallest distance used to measure distances in space, and the light year is the standard measurement for interstellar dist


Astronomers use light years to measure distances in space because space is so massive and distances so far that conventional numbering is inadequate and unmanageable. One light year is a distance measurement equivalent to six trillion miles.


Astronomers suspected another planet beyond Uranus when it was noted that Uranus was being slightly pulled out of orbit at points. This led to speculation that gravity from another planet was causing the pull.


The 1994 impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter was important to scientists for two main reasons. First, the force of the impact drove material from deep within Jupiter to its visible surface, giving chemists and meteorologists an unprecedented look at the planet's chemistry. Second, the impact


What Is an Astronomer's Job Environment?. Astronomers study the universe -- the stars, planets and galaxies that exist beyond Earth. Often highly educated, most astronomers require a doctorate to qualify for jobs, as this is a select group of scientists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2


Sometimes understanding the people behind the science is just as important as knowing its principles. Learn about the men and women who have made a difference in the world of astronomy and space exploration, from ancient astronomers to astronauts in training. Sometimes understanding the people behin