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Why should animals have rights? What rights should animals have? How are those rights different from human rights? The fact of the matter is that since the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued the 1966 Animal Welfare Act, even animals used in commercial farming are entitled to a certain base-level of treatment.


Without legal protection, innocent animals are defenseless against those who would do them harm. That’s why our laws need to represent the myriad needs of animal protection.


For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights? In his book Animal Liberation, Peter Singer states that the basic principle of equality does not require equal or identical treatment; it requires equal consideration. This is an important distinction when talking about animal rights.


The reason why we have rights is because groups of people banded together and fought, bled, and died to get them for us. To extend those rights to animals on a whim (and thusly limit human rights to treat animals as we see fit) is insulting.


Should Animals Have The Same Rights As People? Humans have always seen themselves as distinct from other creatures, but science is forcing us to reconsider that position ... Can an animal own the ...


Why animals don't need 'rights' Some people believe that animals don't have rights or that even if they do, those rights should count for less than human wishes. But that doesn't give human beings ...


One of the most common arguments against animal rights is that there are many predators in the wild who hunt and eat meat-based prey. Why should humans, who are also animals, be exempt? Animal rights advocates counter that a lion, being a feline, is what is considered an obligate carnivore .

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Here I will tempt to focus on the reasons why we need to treat animals more humanly and what may be done to bring this about. Animal rights, why? Animals are sentient in a similar way to humans: animals fear death, like you or I they wish to live, and animals experience pain; both emotional and physical.


That's why I concluded my essay by insisting that to demonstrate that it possesses inviolable rights, a chimp or bonobo would need to do nothing less than "stand up and, led by a love of justice ...


Nearly one-third of Americans believe animals should have the same rights as people, a recent poll finds. Thirty-two percent of the people surveyed believe animals and humans should have equal ...