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Creating the best growing environment for your lawn’s grasses to grow and flourish eradicating Moss, Weeds and Lawn Diseases will result in the lush green and healthy lawn you dream of. However if you already have a lot of Moss in your lawn, you may have to take some drastic measures to get rid of it.


What is Moss? It is a small plant that likes to grow in thin and bare areas. Ideal conditions for moss are not ideal for growing grass and the spore-producing plant can quickly take over a lawn. Luckily, it will not kill the existing grass it merely spreads where the grass is not, which however, prevents new grass from spreading into these areas.


The less healthy your yard, the harder it must work to compete with the outbreak. If you’re growing moss instead of grass, you need to look at the health of your lawn, specifically the moisture level. If you’re wondering “why does moss grow in my yard” consider the health of the grass. Common reasons your lawn is in poor health, and ...


Moss killers have their place but you also need to look at the reasons why moss is growing in your lawn. Understanding the factors that encourage moss growth is the key to finding a long term solution. Left unchecked a moss problem is only going to get worse over time so it is important to tackle it sooner rather than later.


Lawn care professionals often recommend ferrous sulfate to clear moss quickly and effectively, providing a safe and sustainable way to bid farewell to your biggest garden headache. Also known as Iron (II) sulfate, ferrous sulfate is a water-soluble fungicide and herbicide that can positively change the pH levels of soil to promote healthy ...


Yellow Moss on the Lawn. When moss is growing where your grass is supposed to be, it can be frustrating, but at least the moss is usually green. What makes it more annoying is when the moss turns ...


While mosses will grow in well drained soils, they grow better in wet soil than some grasses do. Improving drainage of the soil may help. Introducing grasses tolerant to wet soils will also help out-compete moss. Soil compaction, another condition which promotes moss, prevents internal drainage of the soil.


Getting rid of lawn moss starts with understanding how and why mosses grow, and the most effective ways to combat them. With the right products in hand, you can control moss and enjoy a luxuriant, moss-free lawn. Mosses Are Unlike Other Plants. Part of the secret to moss control is realizing mosses aren't like most plants.


Though moss in your yard doesn’t kill your grass, it can take over spots where you’d like your grass to flourish. Moss thrives in damp, shady areas and tends to grow where grass has not or ...


Unfortunately, there is a risk that the algae will be distributed to other parts of the lawn during the aeration process. This may require applying a moss and algae control product to your lawn as a supplement to core aeration. There are several commercially available moss and algae control products available at hardware stores and garden centers.