Some roles of women in the Iroquois Confederacy included producing offspring, taking care of children, cooking, clothing children and assuming different roles in politics. Iroquois women were highly regarded, which is wh... More »

The Iroquois were a native confederacy whose territories were originally within the boundaries of modern-day New York state between the Adirondack mountains and Niagara Falls. They conquered lands that eventually extende... More »

The Iroquois Confederacy, a group of five (later six) related Indian tribes, created the Iroquois constitution, properly termed the "Constitution of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy," to establish a common form of governanc... More »

Famous leaders of tribes in the Iroquois confederacy include Tachnechdorus, also called Logan; Joseph Brant and Red Jacket. Some of these leaders were famous for fighting for British and American forces, and some were fa... More »

The structure of the government of the Iroquois nation consisted of a council of 50 chiefs who met once a year to settle disputes and create the customs and laws of the confederacy. These laws were codified on strings of... More »

The men of the Iroquois, also known as Haudenosaunee mostly wore breech cloth, and the women often wore skirts and tunics. Children dressed similarly to their parents. More »

Iroquois canoes were water vessels made out of elm bark or a hollowed-out log. Though most styles of Native-American canoes were built to be light and swift, Iroquois canoes could be very long, as much as 30 feet in leng... More »